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IT Support

Opem Solutions provide Business IT support to SME (Small to Medium Enterprise) clients who understand that you donít need to have IT staff who are paid to just sit around waiting for a problem to happen.

How Can Opem Solutions support us?

Opem provides three levels of Business IT support:

  • Over the Phone
    Many smaller issues can be rectified over the phone, Opem Solutions work together with our customers to empower you to learn how to use your technology better.
  • Over the internet
    With existing customers we offer the option to configure your internet connected hardware to our secured remote management system, this enables an Opem Engineer to access your sites hardware and perform a large number of break fixes without the need for site visits. Customers are also given the option for monthly performance checks to be carried out on remotely managed systems to ensure that you are getting the best in performance and protection from problems.
  • In person
    When the problem is beyond remote management or is with physical hardware we have dedicated staff with a wealth of experience in both computers hardware break fix and All Windows Operating systems.

Internet Connections

Many companies do not realise the full potential of broadband and think that it will cost them more, in fact in most cases broadband works out cheaper as the call cost of using modems during peak time can be very costly.

Some companies only connect a single computer to a broadband service, by sharing the service across your network, anyone connected to the network can enjoy high speed internet.

Opem Solutions have a long established relationship with Scotnet, who are a leading UK provider for Broadband subscriptions and activations. In a recent independent review they were ranked as the Top UK service provider for service quality, out performing providers such as AOL, Freeserve and BT Openworld.

Domain Services

An internet presence has become a required part to an organisation for many businesses. Virtually everyone you see now has an email address and a web site which is reflective of their online requirements.

Opem Solutions can work with your organisation to make sure you are always getting the best out of whatís available, many companies waste money buying web solutions from internet companies that are only interesting in providing a fixed solution and not possibly the best solution for you.

As your company and customer base discover the power of what the internet and your website can offer, the amount of revenue generated from or in conjunction with your website will naturally grow. This allows you to reinvest in the cost of your online development as you go, without paying out for more expensive and bloated solutions, which may not be used to their full potential.

Upgrades and Repairs

Opem Solutions offer competitive hardware and software pricing, if you wish to upgrade or replace existing systems please let us know, we provide a free consultation service over the phone and in most cases can suggest better and cheaper solutions.

Many companies do not have the experience to repair their own computer systems and end up replacing the entire computer or paying to have components replaced with out dated hardware. Our system engineers are specialist in computer hardware performance and efficiency.

When we repair a system we can give a free upgrade quotation (on request), if you decide to upgrade the system you save by combing the cost of the upgrade and repair into one reduced labour charge.

Using updated and modern hardware we can breathe life into your tired systems and increasing the length of time before they become obsolete and unfit for their task.

Virus Removal and Protection

Our Opem Engineers have years of experience removing and fixing virus and spyware infections, we also offer a range of software and online email services to tackle and prevent desktop virus infection.

In some cases a virus infection can destroy some or parts of a system to the point that its not cost efficient to remove the virus, however in these cases we can backup all your relevant data, completely clean the system and reload then operating system. Once this has been completed we can clean the backed up data and then reloaded it, with your old emails (if required) onto your clean machine.

Data Backup and Redundancy

Opem engineers have many years experience safe guarding valuable data for companies and individuals alike, many people donít realise the value of the data until they have lost it.

From simple CD or DVD backup systems to fully data servers with redundant hard disk drives, we can provide a backup solution that is suited to your needs and demands.

Resource Sharing

So many Business buy more printers then they need, Opem Solutions can share your printers across a network to allow people to share printers, computer to fax systems and Imaging devices.

Due to the prices of printers many companies end up buying lots of cheap inkjet printer as they look good on face value, however in the long run they turn out to be time consuming and costly to run. It normally makes sense to invest the money into one or more reliable high speed printer that can serve everyone or a chosen number of people.

Desktop to Fax

Many companies waste money printing documents only to then fax them and then destroy, discard or to file the copy taking up needless physical space. Opem Solutions can provide your network with a shared FAX gateway allowing any of your users to print directly to a shared fax device.