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Hosting Services

Opem Solutions web hosting services provide unsurpassed performance and availability for your site.

Hosting and Email Services

The Internet is full of companies offering cheaper hosting or even free hosting, however these offers should not be taken on face value as many offer you poor quality hosting or/and in many cases have many hidden charges which mean you end up paying more.

Trying to compete with this would mean that Opem Solutions is not able to maintain its high level of service which people have come to expect.

Many of our clients have come from cheaper hosting providers charging them more than expected, not providing the service they expected and in some cases managing to lose entire web sites due to poor security and poor data maintience.

Opem Solutions understands that you wouldn’t expect your building to disappear over night and then someone tell your that it was lost or offline for days on end because its not important as you only paid for a cheaper building.

That doesn’t sound very sensible, so why expect any less from your company’s presence on the internet.

Our Hosting is located in the secure location, with a very high speed connection to a prime internet backbone and connected to redundant power backup systems to ensure even in the very rare occasion of loss of power from the main power grid your website and email will continue to run.

What if you already have a domain

If you already have a domain registed, Opem Solutions can transfer your website and domain onto our services, to find out more please either contact a member of the sales at sales@opem.co.uk with the domain you wish to transfer and your contact details. Please be aware that when transferring a US based domain name that the transfer of the domain will add one further year to its current registration term.